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OCTOBER 17, 2018

Michael Cole could be seen entering Full Sail Live, taking a call about his role for the evening.

Also spotted by the ticket line outside were Seth Rollins, Diamond Dallas Page, Triple H, and unsigned wrestler Chelsea Green, as well as Aliyah, Matt Bloom, Robbie Brookside, Jessika Carr, ECIII, Kacy Catanzaro, Nikki Cross, Jessamyn Duke, Reina Gonzalez, MJ Jenkins, Tucker Knight, Sarah Logan, Kassius Ohno, Deonna Purrazzo, Rhea Ripley, Io Shirai, Justin Xavier, and Mia Yim. Rey Mysterio was rumored by fans to have been spotted, as well.

Sarah Schreiber debuted on tapings emcee duties, and hyped Nikki Cross against a mystery opponent as well as a major announcement from William Regal and “long-awaited debuts.” Kayla Braxton advised Schreiber at ringside.

Xavier Woods opened the show in place of a dark match, doing an NXT-based episode of his YouTube video game show UpUpDownDown. He said he wants to talk about the storm that’s brewing between WWE and NXT. Shayna Baszler, Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano, and Dakota Kai were introduced as Team NXT along with a professional gamer. Tyler Breeze, Cesaro, Ruby Riott, and Seth Rollins were introduced as Team WWE along with their own professional gamer. The teams jawed back and forth, Team NXT playing hometown faces to Team WWE’s invading heels regardless of the individual wrestlers’ current television personas. Woods plugged TakeOver: War Games and an upcoming showdown between Team NXT and Team WWE in the “League of Legends Arena.”

Vic Joseph joined Percy Watson and Nigel McGuinness. For what it’s worth, Mauro Ranallo was believed to be seen outside near the ticket line, but it was at a distance so this may not be factual. To further the pure speculation, it could be that Michael Cole is on hand to guide Joseph though there is no way of knowing for certain at this time.

Undisputed Era entered to laud Bobby Fish’s return and warn the NXT locker room of their renewed full power. Adam Cole called out Ricochet, but was interrupted by ECIII. The two exchanged barbs and called for an official to settle their differences in the ring.

(1) ECIII pinned Adam Cole (with Undisputed Era). Despite distractions from Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly, and Roderick Strong, ECIII managed to surprise Cole with a rollup to end the back-and-forth affair. As ECIII celebrated, Undisputed Era swarmed and laid him out on the stage with a Last Shot and a chair shot.

(2) Mia Yim pinned Aliyah. Yim found victory in her NXT debut with Seoul Food.

(3) Kassius Ohno pinned Justin Xavier. Sporting a shorter, shoulder-length hairstyle and calling for Regal’s new toy, Ohno decimated Xavier with elbows and sentons.

Nikki Cross appeared at the top of the ramp as Ohno celebrated. She antagonized Ohno with laughter and departed.

William Regal addressed the crowd to announce the NXT Title challenger for War Games, but was interrupted by Tommaso Ciampa. Ciampa performed his entrance ritual right in front of Regal and called the commissioner “boy.” Velveteen Dream entered and said he wants Regal to say his name. Lars Sullivan intruded to throw his own name in the hat. Dream said he needs Sullivan to start wearing some pants, and was met with a chokehold. Nikki Cross randomly trotted in and said, “He’s here!” Aleister Black appeared and hit Sullivan with Blxck Mass. Black confronted Regal asking, “Where is he?” Johnny Gargano then appeared, dropped Black with a kick to the face and said, “I’m right here.” Johnny dropped the microphone on the fallen Black and pulled a black hoodie over his head as he solemnly left the ring.


(4) Street Profits defeated The Mighty via pinfall. Nick Miller & Shane Thorne entered still in possession of the Profits’ chains and cup. Thorne’s right elbow was taped. Montez Ford pinned Miller with a springboard frog splash, and he and Angelo Dawkins celebrated in the crowd with their regained mementos.

Sarah Schreiber talked up Susan G. Komen and introduced four breast cancer survivors in the crowd.


(5) Nikki Cross pinned Mercedes Martinez. Cross appeared to suffer a bloody nose at some point in the early going, and won with The Purge.

Candice LeRae entered with a new all-black look to confront Cross, who laughed at LeRae and got out of dodge. Aleister Black emerged to ask LeRae where her husband is, and left as it appeared LeRae was keeping mum.


(6) Matt Riddle submitted Luke Menzies. Riddle enjoyed a souped-up entrance and delivered as impressive an exhibition as his fans have come to expect. As he celebrated he exclaimed, “I’m finally here!”

(7) Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch defeated Humberto Carillo & Raul Mendoza via pinfall. Lorcan scored the pin on Mendoza after hitting an assisted DDT.


The members of Undisputed Era appeared on screen massaging each others’ egos. The War Raiders emerged and proceeded to beat up the rival faction. Ricochet joined the brawl as it spilled on to the Full Sail backlot. Eventually the wrestlers made their way inside and to the ring, and as the Era gained the upper hand Pete Dunne appeared and evened the odds with a chair. William Regal stormed out to say this fight would be allowed to continue inside War Games.

(8) Heavy Machinery defeated Forgotten Sons via pinfall. The Sons’ Chad Lail stood at ringside. Otis Dozovic picked up the pin on Wesley Blake.

Sarah Schreiber announced Bianca Belair vs. Mia Yim, and a main event of Velveteen Dream vs. Lars Sullivan.

(9) Dakota Kai pinned Taynara Conti. Conti targeted Kai’s right wrist with maniacal kicks. Kai rallied with her own signature kicks and secured the win with the Kai-ropractor.

(10) Bianca Belair pinned Mia Yim. Belair dominated the proceedings and survived Yim’s comeback to remain undefeated.


(11) Lacey Evans pinned Karissa Rivera. Evans placed her hat on her husband’s head as she entered, and confidently won in short order with a Women’s Right.

After the bell Evans took a mic to say it’s her responsibility to clean up the “classless nasties” of NXT.

(12) Kyle O’Reilly pinned Hanson to earn advantage for his team at War Games. O’Reilly honed in on Hanson’s left knee. Adam Cole entered and scolded Hanson as Hanson ascended the turnbuckle. Hanson went for a moonsault but O’Reilly dodged, having had time to recover. Cole snuck in a cheap shot on Hanson, and Rowe entered to take out Cole. Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong ran in and went after Rowe, but they were followed by Pete Dunne. Ricochet was next, and dove over the top rope on to the outside fray. O’Reilly clocked Hanson with an NXT Tag Team Championship belt and scored the three.

Pete Dunne had trouble putting weight on one of his legs as he exited with some assistance from Ricochet and an official.

Notably, no “loudest fan contests” were held. Jeremy Borash was not spotted throughout the event.

(13) Lars Sullivan pinned Velveteen Dream. Dream went for sympathy in this one, eventually hitting a Dream Valley Driver. As Dream set up a Purple Rainmaker, Tommaso Ciampa entered wielding the NXT Championship belt. Dream leapt on Ciampa, but fell to a Freak Accident upon reentering the ring.

Ciampa and Dream fought after the fall, and Dream hit Ciampa with a DDT on to the belt. Dream drove a Purple Rainmaker in to Ciampa despite a group of officials trying to dissuade him. He took the belt, mocked listening to it the way Ciampa does, then licked it and left it laying along with the fallen champion.

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