: Assange elaborates on plans; Predicts changes to UK law will precipitate departure from embassy

Subsequent to a morning press conference in London (see below), Wikileak’s founder Julian Assange expanded on his plans for leaving the Ecuadorian Embassy in a discussion with Australia-based Fairfax Media saying that “a range of important legal developments in the United Kingdom” are fueling his thinking, including recent discussions in Parliament about its continued adherence to the European Arrest Warrant system, under which Assange could be extradicted to Sweden.

“It has been our legal advice from the very beginning that under international law and European law everyone has a right to asylum and that right must be respected legally,” Assange told Fairfax.

However, according to Fairfax, as reported in the Sydney Morning Herald:



At a Monday morning press conference inside the Ecuador Embassy building in London, WikiLeaks’ founder and publisher Julian Assange announced that he “will be leaving the embassy soon” after more than two years living under political asylum protection inside its walls.

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Flanked by Ecuador’s Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño, Assange said that reports were true that he would end his stay but did not specify the exact circumstances under which he would leave. Various outlets in the UK have reported that Assange has developed serious “heart and lung problems” which are fueling his plans to leave the embassy, but Assange went out of his way to indicate such reporting was mistaken.