The last year was probably the most successful in his life. At first, he won the CEV Champions League with Zenit Kazan, then celebrated the Olympic Gold several months ago. Alexander Volkov, the Russian middle-blocker, still suffers his knee injury and this issue may be a kiss of death for his career. Will Volkov join the outstanding players’ bunch, who had to retire being on the top because of their physical problems?




Alexander Volkov has been in the throes of his right knee injury since winter 2012 (Season 2011/2012). After several months of convalescence, the ‘center’ of Zenit Kazan came back just before the CEV Champions League Final Four to claim the trophy and realized this plan beating Skra Belchatow in exciting final match.    

A few weeks later, Volkov went to the hospital again and had to leave the entire World League 2012 having pessimistic outlook for the future. However, he took the risk and returned to play at the Olympics in London despite negative opinion given by doctors, what resulted a relapse of the injury, but Volkov has no regrets, “I didn’t regret any single moment of the game at the Olympics brought a return to health problems. I’m sorry that this happened to my knee, but you always have to put some aims all the time in your life. I had to sacrifice with my health”Volkov said.

In August 2012, Volkov underwent a knee-joint arthroscopy in Germany and so far, he has not appeared on the court since then and perhaps he will never do that, “Unfortunately, I still haven’t got well. Now, I’m going to Italy for a training camp and all settle there. If the injury returns, I will close my career.”– he summed up.

Alexander Volkov may enhance the group of players, who were forced to throw in the towel due to their injuries. There are inter alia: Marcin Prus (Poland), Sebastian Ruette (France) Sebastian Swiderski (Poland) or recently Peter Platenik (Czech Republic). However, we would rather Volkov did not join.

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