We could see a few surprises last weekend in Polish league – Plusliga. Resovia Rzeszow lost one point with AZS Olsztyn, which is currently on the 8th position in ranking.

First of all, we had quite unexpected result in Olsztyn. Asseco Resovia started according to plan. Two opposites – Bartman and Schoops – have been supporting each other on the wing. However, AZS was fighting as hard as it could. The second set was a little easier for Resovia and it could seem like this game won’t last long. Wrong! The next part turned this match around, thanks to Piotr Gruszka who brought some new spirit and quality. AZS managed to won to sets and score one point, which was a great success for this young team. Moreover, Olsztyn was really close to win this game (8:4 in tie break), but than Resovia’s block woke up and Rzeszow saved two points to bring them home.

AZS Olsztyn – Resovia Rzeszow 2:3 (23:25, 21:25, 25:19, 26:24, 13:15)
MVP: Lukas Tichacek


Another points division took place in Kielce. Jastrzebski Wegiel came to play with Effector and their goal was to score all three points, but their game was quite poor. There were hardly any emotions during that night. Michal Lasko (29 points!) was the only one who didn’t disappoint all fans of Jastrzebie. The others had their highs and lows. On the other hand, it was a great performance of Danger (24 points) and Penchev (17 p.) and they led Effector to tie break. Both team had their chances to win, but Jastrzebski was the one who took advantage of it.

Effector Kielce – JastrzÄ™bski Wegiel 2:3 (25:22, 18:25, 19:25, 26:24, 13:15)
MVP: Michal Lasko


Skra Belchatow had no troubles with beating Trefl Gdansk. At the beginning of every set the game was pretty equal, but then Skra showed the difference of the level between those two teams. Because of the injury of Alexander Atanasijevic, Mariusz Wlazly got back for his old position for a while and scored 12 points for his team. On the side of Trefl, it was another good game of Mateusz Mika, who gave 15 points with 58% of efficiency.

Trefl Gdansk – Skra Belchatow 0:3 (22:25, 22:25, 20:25)
MPV: Michal Winiarski


Also AZS Czestochowa lost at home. Delecta Bydgoszcz fulfilled their role of the favorite. AZS had a lot of trouble again. However, they won one set and were close to tie break, but Delecta did not let them to take any points away. On the press conference, Marek Kardos, head coach of Czestochowa admitted: “I hope Dawid Murek will be back with us really soon. It will calm our game and improve our reception.”

AZS Czestochowa – Delecta Bydgoszcz 1:3 (17:25, 17:25, 25:22, 24:26)
MVP: Dawid Konarski


The last game of this round was held in Warsaw. There AZS was facing a current leader, Zaksa Kedzierzyn-Kozle. Some of Polish fans and experts was expecting a good game, but it was only one playing team that night. Despite of many injuries and absence of basic players (such as Pawel Zagumny, Felipe Fonteles and Piotr Gacek), Zaksa won this game quite easy. It was a good game of all team (especially Michal Ruciak and Grzegorz Pilarz, the second setter), when in the team of AZS only Grzegorz Szymanski kept good quality – the rest of that team had definitely a bad day. Zaksa quickly added another three points to their account and now they are thinking about Championsh League and their next rival – Crvena Zvezda Beograd.

AZS Warszawa – Zaksa Kedzierzyn-Kozle 0:3 (20:25, 22:25, 18:25)
MVP: Antonin Rouzier


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