It’s never too early to get started on spring cleaning, but don’t forget to include your car on the list of items to tackle. Just like a house that is overdue on being cleaned and organized, a car is in need of regular maintenance, and that means everything from the engine to the transmission is worth checking.

This spring is an especially opportune time to get one’s car back to its prime after certain parts of the country endured a blistering winter. AAA says ice, freezing rain and fluctuating winter temperatures can leave roadways littered with potholes, which can blow out tires, dent rims, dislodge wheel weights and more. Other areas of the country experienced heavy bouts of rain and flooding, which can chip away at a car’s exterior and lead to rust, as can the salt distributed from snow plows.

All of this is to say that your car has likely endured quite a bit, whether it’s visible to the eye or not.

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You can’t spell care without car

Since April is National Car Care Month, the Klinger Insurance Group highlighted seven ways owners can care for their cars.

Consistently caring for a car has an array of benefits: it boosts the car’s longevity, it increases the safety of the driver and others sharing the road, and owners will see savings related to auto insurance.

Like many other areas in life, being proactive rather than reactive will optimize a car’s functionality and longevity. With this in mind, here are seven tips to consider this National Car Care Month.

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