A heat wave continues to blanket parts of northeast Asia, bringing heat-related deaths and record temperatures to the region.

Japan marked its hottest day ever on Monday when Shimanto City hit 41 degrees Celsius (nearly 106 degrees Fahrenheit), and heat warnings were issued for 38 of the country’s 47 prefectures.

CNN reports that “of the 52 deaths from heatstroke nationwide between late May and early August, nearly one third of them occurred last week.” 

As South Korea swelters under a heat wave, the government has ordered the air conditioning be turned off in public institutions and reduced subway service in the nation’s capital to avert blackouts.

“I cannot think of any other heat event that has affected so many people for so long.”
-Weather historian Christopher C. Burt“We are in a critical situation where, if any single power generator goes wrong, we will have to resort to rolling blackouts just like we did in 2011,” Yoon Sang Jick, South Korea’s minister of trade, industry and energy, said on Sunday.

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