Good news for the parents of fashionable youngsters: Dior’s Baby Dior spring-summer 2018 collection is here, and it is incredible.

Designed by Baby Dior creative director Cordelia de Castellane, the brand likens this season’s “joyfully rustic” aesthetic to “an invitation to a bucolic and festive stroll, like a jaunt through the Camargue countryside.”

De Castellane reportedly drew inspiration from Christian Dior’s childhood on the French oceanside, where he grew up along with the folklore and costumes of the Granville Carnival. Fans will recognize Dior’s passion for flowers echoed in the roses, anemones, and other botanical motifs that appear throughout the pieces. Clovers, hearts, bees, and ladybirds also pop up on various items as youthful good-luck symbols.

The designer’s whimsical vision comes to life in a promo video (above) that accompanies the collection. In it, children model the new line’s airy, comfortable designs, including a gold tone Swiss tulle skirt and a white silk jacquard dress with gold polka dots while playing with a Camargue horse on an empty beach.

Now if only they came in adult sizes!

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