— Brock Lesnar’s next PPV for WWE is unclear, though it is believed he will wrestling at the 6/17 Money in the Bank show from Chicago, IL. Currently Lesnar is not under contract for SummerSlam, but as we have seen, that could always change by having him sign another new deal or extension.

— Lesnar’s future with UFC also remains up in the air. If he doesn’t put himself into the USADA testing pool soon, he won’t be able to fight on the November show at Madison Square Garden. If he isn’t in the testing pool by 6/29, he will then knock himself out of contention for the 12/29 event in Las Vegas, where he was strongly rumored to be facing the winner of the Miocic/Cormier match.

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— If Lesnar doesn’t enter the testing pool by June, the entire Lesnar-to-UFC story will begin to look like a flat-out bluff as leverage to get a better contract from WWE, which he ultimately did get. It should be noted that even if Lesnar declares himself as returning to UFC in time for December, he could still sign a one-match payday for SummerSlam where he would likely drop the title though from WWE’s standpoint, they would ideally like him to do the job twice – likely once to Roman Reigns and once to Braun Strowman.

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