As noted, WWE Raw star and Shield member Dean Ambrose recently underwent surgery for a torn triceps tendon, and his return timetable has yet to be announced.

Dave Meltzer noted on this morning’s edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that the injury was initially believed to be an elbow injury, but after evaluation, it was revealed to be a torn triceps tendon.

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Meltzer also noted on the latest issue of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Ambrose might have actually been dealing with the injury since WWE TLC this year, when Ambrose took a bump on a table that did not break, resulting in immediate swelling of Ambrose’s elbow. WWE TLC took place on October 22nd, but he continued working through the injury, which might have lead to him now needing surgery.

One WWE Raw star who has no sympathy for Dean Ambrose and his current injury is The Bar member Cesaro, as The Swiss Cyborg Tweeted the following after receiving word of Ambrose’s need of surgery:

“Oh no, such sad news… I’m sorry to hear that… @WWESheamus and I just held a minute of silence for poor Dean. You mess with #TheBAR you get the horns #RAW@WWESheamus feat. @SamoaJoe.”

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Wrestling Observer Radio, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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