sources:, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The WWE Divas recently took part in a photo shoot in Los Angeles. Most of the Divas were in Los Angeles last week doing photo shoots for a new project. A few developmental girls were also there including Beth Phoenix, so it’s possible some of them are going to be brought up soon.

Jillian Hall has posted up a new blog on her MySpace. Regarding the upcoming draft, Jillian said, “So, everyone has been talking about the draft coming up in a couple weeks. My guess is as good as any of yours! I love Smackdown but I’m open to anything as long as I can keep doing my thing. What do you guys think will happen as far as divas are concerned? It’s possible none of us will be touched and it’s also possible that we will all be shifted around. That’s the crazy thing, none of us will know til you do!” Click here to read her blog. She also posted up some new candids of herself with other WWE stars.

Dale Gagner, the AWA promoter being sued by WWE for trademark infringement, claims he has been using the AWA name since 1996, and that WWE was aware of it. In fact, Gagner also claims that WWE sent him talent for his AWA shows in 1999. On an unrelated topic, Gagner recently sent a cease-and-desist letter to Memphis Wrestling since Jerry Lawler was putting up the AWA World title against Mr. Hughes.

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