Former Vice President Biden accuses President Trump in an op-ed published on Monday of destroying U.S. relationships through a “torrent of antagonism” toward neighbors and partners.

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“Our neighbors, including some of our closest allies and largest trading partners, have endured a torrent of antagonism from our president,” Biden wrote in an article for Americas Quarterly.


“Canada and Mexico have been repeatedly bullied, while Central American and Caribbean countries have been derided with derogatory epithets,” Biden wrote, adding that Trump has twice cancelled trips to Colombia.

Biden calls for the U.S. to take a leading role in the Western hemisphere, touting his and former President Obama’s foreign policy achievements.

“By the time President Obama and I left the White House, we had established a new foundation of cooperation for our region built around shared responsibility, respect and partnership,” he wrote, adding that the “cooperation” included strengthened ties with Mexico, Brazil, Central America, Cuba and others.

“This is not to say we were perfect — far from it,” Biden added. “Other international issues competed for our attention and entrenched challenges of poverty, violence and corruption continued to stymie growth and opportunity, particularly in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.”

Biden, an outspoken critic of the Trump administration, is eyeing a 2020 presidential bid. Earlier this month, he called himself the “most qualified person in the country” to run for president.

The former vice president wrote this week that he believes the Trump administration has “needlessly yet determinedly destroyed” the diplomatic relationships he and Obama worked to cultivate in the Western hemisphere. 

“Our disengagement comes at a time when others are stepping up in the region,” he wrote, noting that China could step into the vacuum left behind.