WWE.com has posted an update on Matt Hardy. The official web site reports that Hardy was in a significant amount of pain when he arrived at last night’s SmackDown/ECW tapings which caused him to go straight to the trainer’s room. Hardy was sent to the hospital for a CT scan where it was revealed he needed emergency surgery.

“I am feeling ok, I have definitely been better,” Hardy told WWE.com. “The surgery lasted between 60-90 minutes, and the prognosis was that I was lucky they got in there when they did.” Matt continued, “The appendix had already ruptured, and the toxins from that rupture were poisoning my body. I am used to the aches from my career, but this was the most miserable pain I had ever experienced. I had cold chills with hot sweats, and just couldn’t find a comfortable way to lie down or sit. I felt like I was dying it was so bad.”

Hardy said that he will be in the hospital until the antibiotics clean out the toxins from his body and it will be 8-10 weeks before he can return to the ring.

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