— Booker T has been frustrated with TNA in recent weeks, reports prowrestling.NET. Booker is a vocal critic of TNA’s booking style, although some observers believe he’s happier with his character’s direction since the heel turn. The bulk of Booker’s frustrations are with creative writers Jeff Jarrett and Dutch Mantel. On the otherhand, Booker is said to have a good relationship with Vince Russo (who booked his first World Title win in July 2000). He also had an incident on the UK tour last month. Booker was upset over the number of meet and greets he was asked to take part in during the tour. He was also unhappy with the lack of catering in the UK venues. According to one well-placed source, Booker was so upset that he threatened to leave the tour unless the company addressed the accommodation issues to his liking. Although, his frustration over TNA’s travel accommodations was said to be justified as there was no catering at some of the buildings or water on the tour bus at the time of his complaints. On another note, Booker spends most of his time backstage playing video games. Some feel he’s not doing as much to help the younger wrestlers as he lets on. Although, he’s been playing video games backstage dating back to his WCW, which could give a false impression that he’s difficult to approach.

— As reported yesterday, Rellik, who was on a pay-per-appearance deal, has decided to part ways with TNA. The TNA website removed his profile yesterday, thus confirming his departure from the organization. Rellik wasn’t being used in recent weeks. His last appearance on Impact was on the 4/24 show in the tag team title tournament. Because TNA has started featuring two lengthy Knockouts segments per show, as well as World Cup X matches, the likes of Rellik, Black Reign and The Rock ‘N’ Rave Infection have been squeezed off television for the most part.

— AJ Styles is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Fighting Spirit. They have an interview with him, which you can read at this link.

See RARE photos of Rellik wrestling for ECW last year

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