sources:, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— On Wednesday afternoon, TNA wrestler Booker T staged a public protest outside of Vito’s Deckhouse in Webster, Texas, just outside of Houston. As reported on Wednesday, Booker T was at the sports bar with Marty Wright (a.k.a. WWE star “The Boogeyman”), and Wright, who was wearing the cross, was asked to take it off by the bartender, or leave. According to the bartender, it was a violation of the bar’s dress code. Booker asked to see the bar’s dress code policy, which management could not find. Booker refused to leave and told Wright not to leave. Police were called and they told Booker and Wright to leave the premises. Booker said he saw two other patrons at the bar wearing crosses and they were not approached by management and told to leave. Although, the two patrons left the sports bar when they saw Booker and Wright being kicked out over Wright wearing the cross. As a result of the incident, Booker believed their rights had been violated. The TNA star had plans to stage a protest outside of the sports bar, which he did on Wednesday. Booker hopes it gets as much publicity as possible to inform people about the sports bar suppressing people’s freedom to express their belief in God.

— Practically all of the wrestlers involved in the four-way Monster’s Ball match at Bound for Glory (Robert Roode & James Storm vs. Abyss & Matt Morgan vs. Team 3D vs. Homicide & Hernandez) were furious backstage due to special guest referee Steve “Mongo” McMichael’s lackluster refereeing. They said he counted slow and was always in the wrong position, which they believe messed up the match. TNA’s original plans had McMichael at ringside with someone interfering, thus getting him involved. TNA then advertised McMichael as the special guest referee because the original role was too close to what Mick Foley was doing in the Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett match as the Special Guest Enforcer and they didn’t want to do the gimmick twice. TNA officials went back-and-forth until the day of the show, with Jeff Jarrett making the call for McMichael to be in the ring as the referee instead of outside it.

— As reported earlier, Derek Jeter was backstage at Monday’s Impact taping. Jeter was at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida to film a commercial, so he was able to attend the taping. The TNA website has a photo of Jeter with TNA Knockout Velvet Sky, which you can see at the following link. Velvet Sky, who is a lifelong New York Yankees fan, had this to say: “To all my adoring fans on the internet, I hope you enjoy this picture of two VERY Beautiful People! In fact, I’d like you all to use it as your desktop wallpaper for a few days. You all deserve it for supporting me and Angelina Love! It’s my gift to you! And, to all the haters who can only dream of being around Derek Jeter….HA HA! One BEAUTIFUL New York Yankee for ME…and nothing for you!”

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