On the latest episode of his Hall of Fame show, former heavyweight champion Booker T responded to Superstar Billy Graham’s comments regarding Kofi Kingston, and his journey to the top of the WWE card. Graham wrote online that he believes Kingston should take steroids to improve his physique and add muscle to his body, while originally stating that he didn’t believe Kingston was main event material to begin with. Booker fires back at Graham, stating that a man’s health is more important than the wrestling business, then berates Graham, and tells him that his era is over.

“These old guys need to wake up and realize that their era is over. To bring steroids into a conversation as far as what a man need to do to get to the top in the wrestling business, man … there’s more to life than the wrestling business. What about your health? They got a Wellness Policy now. They’re trying to keep these guys alive. We lost so many soldiers along the way because of steroids and drugs. And for this man to say another man need to get on drugs to become successful … HE IS SUCCESSFUL!! HE’S THE WWE CHAMPION!”

Watch Booker’s full comments below.

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