It has been one year since Vince McMahon announced his plans to bring back the XFL through his new Alpha Entertainment company. This also means that there is only one year left to go now until the revived XFL has its first game. There is still very that is known about the 2020 XFL relaunch, but over the past few months, some small details about the XFL have been revealed. The cities that will be involved in the first season, as well as possible TV hosts for the games are among the subjects that have been reported on lately. However, none other than XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck appeared on WFAN Radio this week for an interview where he went into some specifics about what to expect from the updated XFL.
During the interview, Luck discussed possible TV deals for the XFL and said that more on that will be announced next week. When asked about the return of player nicknames like “He Hate Me,” Luck said that the new XFL will be moving away from that concept. All head coaches for the XFL teams will make the same salary of $500,000 per year. As for the players, Luck says that top players will earn $250,000 with bonuses for each game that is won. Luck also says that there will be extensive medical and drug testing for XFL players once the league comes back. Lastly, Vince McMahon is still the owner of the league, and he will be partnering up with Draft Kings for legalized gambling and fantasy purposes on the XFL games.
Before WrestleMania each year, WWE typically holds their Fan Axxess events all week long. The expo allows fans to come in and meet their favorite WWE Superstars and watch matches prior to the actual WrestleMania show itself. Axxess did undergo a venue change a while ago, but there are still plans to carry on with the event this year. According to PWInsider, fans who bought WrestleMania 35 travel packages were sent an email informing them that Axxess will be taking place in Brooklyn, New York this April. A new venue for Axxess was not specified in the email, but it was mentioned that the expo will take place between April 3rd-8th. More information on WWE’s plans for Axxess this year should be coming out soon.

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