With all eyes on Rio and Team GB, including the Brownlees, British Triathlon are hoping capture the enthusiasm to inspire more than 10,000 people to take up the sport of triathlon through its campaign #YourGOTRI. Launched today, the #YourGOTRI campaign, running throughout the Rio 2016 Olympics and Paralympic Games period, encourages newcomers to the sport by creating their own personal triathlon experience.


Simply by visiting www.gotri.org/yourgotri, people can create their own triathlon, selecting a swim, cycle and run from options including a “trip to the pool”, “pedal in the park”, and “jog round the block”. Participants can also select to “row in the gym” instead of swim, if they’d rather not get wet, or don’t have a local pool.

Once participants have created their own triathlon, they’ll be supported with top tips from the experts at British Triathlon. You can also check out our beginner section on our website for lots of tips and advice.

Participants have the opportunity to Tri Something New and the chance to win triathlon starter packs provided by British Triathlon sponsors and suppliers.

Since London 2012, triathlon has enjoyed significant growth. The number of triathlon events increased by 63% from 2012 to 2016, with on average 24 events per week across Great Britain. Growth has also been seen across all demographics with 88% growth in Home Nation membership amongst women, and 169% growth amongst young people aged 16-18.