source: Wrestling Observer

— Brother Ray was a no-show at Booker T’s PWA wrestling show in Pasadena, Texas on Friday night. Ray cited a family issue.

— Brother Devon appeared as a guest on the “Between the Ropes” radio show out of Orlando. Here is what he had to say regarding rumors of a possible return to WWE. “The rumor was out there that we were going back to WWE and this and that. You know, we’re not opposed to going back to WWE. Right now, we’re happy and we’re content. We still have another year – our contract is up this September. So right now there’s no way that we can leave and go anywhere. We’re committed to TNA. We’re going to stay in TNA. If we can work out a deal where we can stay, that’s great. If not, we’ll move on. But as far as I’m concerned – and I’m pretty much sure I can speak for Bubba – we’re happy, we’re very content. Anything can happen at any given time. But this is professional wrestling – say one thing and you do another. But as far as I’m concerned, TNA has done the right thing by us, and there’s no reason to even ask for a release in our contract or anything like that. We are definitely dedicated to TNA, and if we can come to a deal in September to renew, then we will. If not, then we thank them and we move on. But to answer that rumor, no – we’re not leaving. We’ve got almost a year left on the contract and we have to fulfill it.”

— You can read an interview with Eric Young’s “sister” Kimberly at this link. Kimberly is the rarely seen on camera ring girl for TNA. She was introduced on TNA’s Christmas show a few weeks ago. She’s also a wrestling manager as she manages former WWE star The Warlord at some indy shows. Warlord is pushing for her to better herself with a drug-free lifestyle. “The Warlord I admire for his strengths mentally and physically. He has taught me to overcome peer pressures and better myself with a drug-free lifestyle while pushing me to train harder despite the pain. He always asks, “how bad do ya want it, girl?,” Kimberly said.

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