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Eric Bischoff is out already and Bruce Prichard is in as Smackdown Executive Director. Three months ago, Vince McMahon announced that he was creating new executive director positions on Raw and Smackdown, filling the slots with two of his one-time competitors and pro wrestling visionaries, Paul Heyman and Bischoff. Bischoff talked about this being an opportunity of a lifetime, even saying it was a bigger opportunity than when he was put in charge of WCW and launched Nitro. He moved to Connecticut. However, he never ended up with a noticeable consistent presence backstage at Smackdown. He is now replaced by Prichard, a long-time “right hand man” to Vince McMahon behind the scenes. He also is known by many for his role as Brother Love on WWE television.

WWE issued a press release on the hiring of Prichard.

Stamford, Conn., October 15, 2019 – WWE (NYSE: WWE) today announced that it has named Bruce Prichard the Executive Director of Friday Night Smackdown, reporting directly to WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon.

Prichard will oversee the creative development of Friday Night Smackdown on Fox and ensure integration across all platforms and lines of business, replacing Eric Bischoff.

Prichard brings nearly 40 years of experience in sports entertainment with an extensive background in character development and creative storytelling. Over the course of his career, Prichard has served in a variety of roles including announcer, producer, agent and on-screen personality. Earlier this year, Prichard returned to WWE as a member of the company’s creative team.

Friday Night SmackDown airs at 8 pm ET/PT on Fox.

Bischoff posted a Tweet regarding the hiring of Prichard. He said Prichard is going to be working with a “great team of the most dedicated and hard-working people I have ever had the pleasure of working with and getting to know.” He said Prichard is a good friend whom he is certain will thrive.

Bruce is a great producer, good friend and I am certain he is going to thrive in his position. He’s going to be working with a great team of the most dedicated and hard working people I have had the pleasure of working with and getting to know. https://t.co/aMKk8d3Rx7

— Eric Bischoff (@EBischoff) October 15, 2019

Bischoff is the star of a podcast with Conrad Thomson, so perhaps he will give more details on what happened leading to his departure just a few months after being hired for this newly created position.