WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Carmella is not shying away from criticism of her performance at WWE Backlash last night, and you can check out some of her responses on social media below:

I know you didn’t just congratulate me after totally insulting me… take your fake praise and shove it, bro. I don’t need your support because I beat CHARLOTTE FLAIR!!!! TWICE! https://t.co/XnV7he8EMy

— Smackdown Womens Champion (@CarmellaWWE) May 7, 2018

The match was ridiculous, you can’t wrestle AT ALL! It was an insult to one of the greatest women’s performers. Your part of the match: awkward super kick, slaps, screams and mistimed spots! Charlotte carried that match! Refine your craft and people might will take you seriously.

— The Kaged Review (Kevin Jackowicz) (@deejaykage) May 7, 2018

Change your profile pic, then maybe people will take you seriously. 🤷🏼‍♀️ https://t.co/lnDioKAMkW

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— Smackdown Womens Champion (@CarmellaWWE) May 7, 2018

That’s where you’re wrong, Brian. I’m BOTH!! 👁🍬 https://t.co/dajiqqnPgp

— Smackdown Womens Champion (@CarmellaWWE) May 7, 2018

Bully Ray On How the Roman Reigns ‘Mission’ Can Be Saved

During today’s edition of Busted Open Radio, co-host Bully Ray had the following to say on how WWE’s mission to push Roman Reigns could be saved:

“The Samoans have such a fire to them, and it’s in there some place in Roman.” @bullyray5150 tells @davidlagreca1 that the Roman Reigns mission can be saved, but it’s going to take a certain type of heel to do it.#WWEBacklash #RAW pic.twitter.com/pAXzTq0CnG

— SiriusXM Busted Open (@BustedOpenRadio) May 7, 2018