Impact Wrestling has had a pretty difficult year due to the legal battle against the Hardy family, Jeff Jarrett being let go from the promotion, as well due to the numerous departures that the company has had this year. Impact Wrestling is currently going through another rebranding attempt as they relocate the company to Canada permanently. Just today, Impact announced a major change to their management team: Don Callis (formerly known as Cyrus) and Scott D’Amore have officially been hired as Executive Vice Presidents of Impact Wrestling. The new additions to Impact were announced today by the promotion’s parent company Anthem Sports & Entertainment.
The change will see Callis and D’Amore work with Impact President Ed Nordholm as part of a “3-member Executive Committee with overall responsibility for developing the creative direction for the Company and managing the execution of the Company’s business plan,” according to Anthem’s official statement on the matter. Callis will be doing the job while continuing his work as a commentator for New Japan Pro Wrestling. Despite the changes, some members of the production staff will be staying put. Sonjay Dutt will continue to serve as a producer and in a creative capacity for the company. Abyss, Gail Kim, Jimmy Jacobs, and Jeremy Borash will be staying on as producers. Bob Ryder is also expected to stay on as an executive.
According to PWInsider, expect some more departures to come as a result of the recent management changes. Top names are expected to be leaving since the company wants to focus on hiring Canadian talent, but Johnny Impact and Taya will not be among the talents leaving soon since they have recently signed new deals with the company. Impact producer John “Big” Gaburick is reportedly leaving the company early in 2018, and Dutch Mantel either has already been let go or will be let go early into 2018 as well. Both have been expected to leave for a while, and in Mantel’s case, he apparently lost his postion of power as soon as Jeff Jarrett was let go earlier this year.