has updated their weekly WWE Power Rankings and once again, CM Punk took the top spot. Here’s this week’s Top 10:

1. CM Punk
2. The Rock
3. Chris Jericho
4. Mark Henry
5. Antonio Cesaro
6. Alberto Del Rio
7. The Shield
8. Jack Swagger
9. John Cena
10. Kane

As part of the article, ESPN spoke to Chris Jericho about why his latest WWE run has been so successful. There had been plans of turning Jericho heel shortly after his surprise return at the Royal Rumble, but he’s been getting very positive reactions from crowds at WWE events.

Jericho revealed the secret to his success: keeping his character fresh.

“Doing new things, changing your look, changing your personality in the ring, the way that you do interviews and promos … I’ve been doing this a long time,” said Jericho.

“I can come and go and when I come back, I’m always at the highest level just because I know what I’m doing. But more important than that, this is show business, and you always need to change things up in order to keep people interested. If you do the same thing for too long, it becomes boring, and I never want to be boring.”

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