Charming, educational dress-up dolls Sis and Bro added to collection Getting dressed is no easy matter for most three-year-olds. Mastery of this skill, which helps them achieve more independence and is often accompanied by protests of ‘want to do it myself’, can cause quite a lot of hassle in the mornings, testing both the parents’ and the toddlers’ patience.

The dress-up dolls feature the popular and colorful Snoozebaby labels. The labels, of varying size, color and material, both divert and soothe. The dolls measure thirty centimeters (twelve inches), and are made of velour and jersey, materials which absorb the child’s odor. They also feel lovely and soft.

The products are available from June in more than 250 exclusive baby stores in the Netherlands and via a large number of affiliated webshops. The price of the dress-up dolls is 19.95 euros. Look for more information on the website

Every half year, Snoozebaby comes out with a new trendy and educational product that promotes children’s development. Bro and Sis are an addition to the current Snoozebaby collection, which contains some 50 products, ranging from care items such as the Happy Dressing (a dressing mat cover), and the Trendy Wrapping (a wrap-around blanket), to toys such as a ball, cube and book, to cuddly toys such as the music mobile named Little Bear Magoo, Mimi the cat and Bark the dog.

Snoozebaby aims to produce its products as sustainably as possible. When developing the collection, their aim is to minimize the environmental impact. The Amsterdam-based company is seeking to play its part with the organic cotton line and the packaging, but together with Made-By, it is also working to improve social conditions in the factories. Thanks to Snoozebaby’s donations to Stichting Max, over 30 Snoozebaby wells have already been dug in Bangladesh in order to combat child mortality. A pump is enough to supply a whole village with water.

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