In what you may refer to as bad timing, William Regal recently said the following on whether or not steroid use was prevalent in wrestling during an interview with Alicia Butwell:

“Certainly not, steroids is a hard thing for me to talk about, I’m open to talk about because it’s not something that’s part of my being as a performer, it’s not something that I’ve ever relied on or anything that I’ve had anything to do with. When I was in my early 20s, in fact very early 20s when I was still living in England and traveling the world I dabbled in steroids, but nobody ever told me to or forced me to. Nowadays we get tested very thoroughly and if guys are going to use steroids and they get tested they’re going to get caught and they’re going to get found out or they’re going to get suspended or fired, there’s no getting away from the fact that there are people who use steroids not only in our line of work but in all lines of sports or business and it’s something our company is doing its best to get away from and stamp out completely and hopefully that’s something that’s going to happen. It’s something that I find very frustrating at the moment and all of a sudden because one person has done something that’s absolutely — I just can’t comprehend it and why we’re all being labeled as monsters all of a sudden and it’s not the case”.

William Regal was one of the WWE superstars listed in the Signature Pharmacy steroids probe and it is presumed that he has been suspended by the company for 30 days.

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