WINFIELD, MO — A Missouri police officer delivered a standing ovation-worthy performance after playing a person who accidentally texted him about getting high like a well-tuned fiddle. The text message exchange started with an invitation to a baseball game, to which the officer politely responded that he’d love to, but “sadly, I think you have the wrong number,” then punctuated it with a pre-emoji sad face.

“No,” the mystery correspondent protested, “we went to the game together.”

“What game did we go to?” the cop responded, playing along.

And then it got so, so good.

“With Shari & Diane. We got high together, girl. Get dressed & I will pick you up. In the truck remember?”

“Pretty sure we didn’t get high together,” the officer responded, posting a selfie that prominently displayed his badge.

Whoever it was who had gotten high with Shari and Diane appeared willing to let it go, but the officer wasn’t.

“Are you still gonna come pick me up for the game though?” he wrote. “I was really looking forward to going to the game.”

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“Wrong number,” the person wrote.

“I tried to tell you that but nnnooo, I don’t know what I’m talking about,” he responded.

“You can stop,” the person wrote, punctuating the message with a red stop sign emoji.

The police department in Winfield, located about 45 miles northwest of St. Louis, posted screenshots of the exchange on its Facebook page, with the message: “We were invited to go to a baseball game tonight!!!! Unfortunately we don’t think they are gonna come pick us up.”

The officer got serious props by those commenting on the exchange.

“OMG! I’m crying real tears here!” one person wrote.

“Quick witted,” another person chimed in. “Love it!! Meanwhile, sorry you didn’t get to go to the game and get high in the truck.”

Wrote another: “I think you should have not sent them a photo. Send them the address of the station instead. They would have showed up ready to party!”

This response was genius: “You should have told her you weren’t crazy about the truck and you had a better ride, where should you pick her up?”

And so was this one: “That girl has since destroyed her phone, canceled her phone plan & hiding in a closet freaking out … high.”