The Blues defender has given his backing to the manager as he questions his player’s ability to get motivated for big matches

Maurizio Sarri was left ‘p*ssed off’ after Chelsea’s lost 2-0 to Arsenal and also said that it is “extremely difficult to motivate” his players, but David Luiz has assured that the Blues dressing room remains behind their manager.

The defeat put pressure on Chelsea’s primary aim for the season to qualify for the Champions League through a top four finish, with Arsenal and Manchester United closing the gap on Sarri’s fourth placed side to just three points.

Luiz is one of Sarri’s regular players, having played in 22 of his side’s 23 league matches, and he not only backs his 60-year-old manager as well as his insistence on employing his style of play to achieve positive results. 

“He was not happy, but nobody was happy, so it was normal,” Sarri told journalists at the Emirates Stadium. “It is our style, it is our philosophy, I think if you asked at the beginning of the season can Chelsea keep the ball you would have said no.

“And now we are able to do that, like the best teams in the world, but then we have improve our last 25 metres. It is part of the process, when you try to do something and this is inside your mind, if you believe in it you can arrive there.

“Because of the results if you start to change and change, you don’t go anywhere. So this is our philosophy, I believe in it, I trust in it, so I just know we have to improve, like every team in the world.

“What Sarri has done until now is unbelievable, amazing, because normally a team to understand this philosophy needs one or two years, like Man City and Liverpool, who are playing v well with the ball now.

“What he has done has been amazing, so we have to try to improve the details now. I don’t think so [that players are turning], everybody is trusting his job and everybody is with him.”

Arsenal were far more productive than their London rivals on Saturday despite only having 35.7% possession.

Chelsea didn’t manage a shot on target until the 82nd minute as Eden Hazard was shackled by Unai Emery’s tactics, as he led the forward line with Alvaro Morata’s future in doubt and Olivier Giroud left on the bench.

Luiz thinks that every player at Chelsea needs to take responsibility for the poor attacking displays of late, leaving the club with no goals in three of their last five games.

“I think they were better than us, and they proved that when you play against a high level team like Arsenal if you don’t approach the game the same way, you can suffer, so that was what happened,” He added. “That is another problem that we have to improve – creating more chances and scoring more.

“When I say that I am not talking about the strikers, I am talking about the whole team. The offensive phase starts with Kepa, and then with us the defenders, with everybody. In the last 6-7 games we have not scored that much, especially in the Premier League, and we have to improve.

“The offensive phase starts with the goalkeeper. Everybody has to participate, in the offensive phase and the defensive phase. The first 25 minutes we did not perform well, after that to control a team like Arsenal here with possession is never easy, especially in the second half we did that.

“But then after that possession, and being more dangerous is two different things, so I think we had the possession but we still have to be more dangerous.

“The pressure is always there, I think every Premier League every year is like this – a race for the title, and race to the Champions League positions, or Europa league positions, or to escape relegation. It is the same every year.

“This is one of our goals this season so we have to do better and better and improve every single day.”

Chelsea are hoping to takeover Gonzalo Higuain’s loan from AC Milan ahead of their next match against Tottenham in the semi-final of the Carabao Cup, and have agreed a deal with Juventus that the club hopes to finalize soon.