The word on Mr. Kennedy’s surprising release from World Wrestling Entertainment Friday night is that almost injuring Randy Orton as well as himself during his match on Raw last week was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Kennedy made his return to Raw on Monday night after a ten month hiatus rehabbing a badly injured shoulder. As bad luck would have it, Kennedy ended up injuring his wrist after taking the RKO from Orton. More seriously in the eyes of management, Orton nearly re-injured his bad shoulder as a result of an errant back suplex on the part of Kennedy, who dropped him on his shoulder rather than his back. This happened to be the same area where he broke his collarbone exactly one year ago today at the One Night Stand pay-per-view, resulting in a several month absence from the ring. Orton was visibly upset as he quickly tried slapping Kennedy on the back of his head and started pounding his fist on the mat before finally selling the maneuver.

While Kennedy suffered an injury to his wrist as a result of an RKO from Orton, it wasn’t believed to be serious.

Following the show, Orton and Kennedy had words backstage, although it was not heated. Very calmly, Orton dressed him down, telling him he needed to be more careful so he wouldn’t injure anyone else in the ring.

Internally, many are singling out Kennedy’s sloppy maneuver on Orton as the final straw and caused Vince McMahon, following several attempts over the years to push him, and numerous untimely setbacks, to finally make the decision to part ways with him.

See video of Kennedy’s job costing move; picture of his hurt wrist (>>)