After the recent reports of TNA talent not being paid for several months, it appears that TNA’s television partner Destination America is also causing significant issues for the company.

Discovery executives are reportedly calling a lot of the shots in TNA these days, with the idea that they are paying TNA and running so many hours of their programming. So, how much control do they actually have over TNA’s operations?

Executives pushed hard for Kurt Angle to be crowned the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, with Angle’s Olympic gold medal experience tying into the network’s branding. They also are high on Taryn Terrell as Knockouts Champion, mostly for her looks.

Destination America officials are also not pleased with TNA taping so many shows from the UK as of late. Although the UK is one of TNA’s most loyal fan bases, they’ve made it clear that they want Impact taped in the United States most of the time. This isn’t a huge issue, since TNA does tape most shows from the US, but it’s another example of the network calling shots.

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(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)