Shortly after news broke about the tragic passing of former WWE Superstar Brian Christopher Lawler, Dave Meltzer reported via the Wrestling Observer Radio that Brian’s father Jerry Lawler had decided not to bail his son out of prison, following an arrest on July 7th for driving under the influence of alcohol, and attempting to evade arrest.

The wrestling journalist expanded upon this in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, reporting that the decision was ultimately made by Jerry and his son’s closest friends. Brian had been bailed out numerous times in the past, and the hope was that this recent incarceration would be his “rock bottom” moment, and that when he was finally released from prison he would finally accept rehab and take the program seriously.

Brian actually contacted Meltzer shortly after his arrest to explain the situation, admitting to past drug use and steroid abuse. He was reportedly concerned more about how his father and grandmother would take the news, and any damage that he may have done to the Lawler name and legacy.

Dave also noted that there was a standing deal in place between Jerry and Brian, where the WWE Hall of Famer had promised to put in a good word for his son and attempt to get him a job at the Performance Center, or working behind the scenes in WWE, if he could get clean and stay that way for a full year.

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Wrestling Observer Newsletter