Already selected by O Magazine for a cover shoot, Dutch diamond house Royal Asscher® launched a collection with floating diamonds in aid of fundraising initiative ‘Star of Africa’. The collection is the latest innovation of the fine jewellery company and each ring features a fluid filled sapphire dome, which let the diamonds fall freely similar to snowflakes in a snow globe.

The philanthropic initiative Star of Africa was launched in 2008 by Royal Asscher and aims to improve the infrastructure in Africa by creating funding for healthcare, education and self-sufficiency programs. The project is named after the largest diamond ever found the 3105-carat Cullinan diamond, and cut by the Asscher family in 1908. Star of Africa supports the people that suffered tremendously as a result of civil war, and the breakdown of society.

In 1854 Joseph Isaac Asscher set up the company, which soon became the destination place for diamond connoisseurs. The Cullinan diamond was discovered in 1907 and presented to King Edward VII, who invited Asscher for advice and to cleave the diamond. The Cullinan diamonds take a prime place in the British Crown Jewels. Royal Asscher is still headquartered in its original Amsterdam home.

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The Star of Africa by Royal Asscher collection is made in white, yellow, and rose gold and comes in two sizes. The collection is available now across the globe and retails from E 3750,-.