WWE just wrapped up the Superstar Shakeup, a two-day event on Raw and Smackdown which sees announcements of members of the WWE roster being traded between the two brands. This week marked the second time that WWE has put on a Superstar Shakeup, which is a bit different from the Draft shows that the company used to produce. The Draft shows typically saw General Managers choose which roster members would switch brands, and the company also chose the talent switches randomly in past years. The Superstar Shakeup format sees new roster members show up without warning while Raw and Smackdown go on, and others are announced to debut at a later time.
Which show format do the actual members of the WWE roster prefer? According to a new report from Fightful.com, most WWE Superstars prefer doing the Superstar Shakeup rather than the Draft. The report also stated that a lot of the talent who switched brands during the Draft were not told whether or not they would be moving shows beforehand, which is no longer the case with the Superstar Shakeup. The Superstar Shakeup has become a bit of a new annual tradition in WWE with last year and this year’s Shakeup taking place a few weeks removed from WrestleMania. Given the positive feedback from the WWE Superstars themselves, it looks like the Shakeup may continue for a few more years.
The wrestling world lost a legendary figure earlier this week when it was announced that Bruno Sammartino had passed away at the age of 82. Sammartino managed to overcome a difficult upbringing by becoming one of the biggest professional wrestling stars of his time. WWE has been honoring Sammartino during their recent live events, and it looks like the company is working on something special for the fans as well. The company confirmed earlier today that they will be releasing a special documentary based on Bruno’s life and career very soon. WWE has also announced that the documentary will be airing on the WWE Network immediately after Raw goes off the air this Monday night.

This Monday, celebrate the life of Bruno Sammartino with a special documentary about the legendary @WWE Hall of Famer after #RAW on @WWENetwork. https://t.co/4Wy7LUXoAR
— WWE (@WWE) April 20, 2018

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