Title Match Wrestling Network has released a brand new THREE HOUR shoot interview with former WWE Superstar Enzo Amore, telling the complete story of the pro wrestler-turned-controversial hip hop artist from his unlikely tryout, to numerous developmental stories, until finally arriving on the main roster alongside his close friend and tag team partner Big Cass.

During the interview Enzo tells the story of the first time he ever hung out with Big Cass and how the two became friends, long before they began working together in the early days of the WWE NXT brand.

“So I get signed and I go down there, and the first week we’re there, the Yankees play the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. So I go to Big Cass, I’m new, I don’t know nobody, I don’t know nothing about the business, but I ask Big Cass if he wants to go to the Yankees game. So we go to the game and I look around, and I’m like, ‘This ain’t Yankee Stadium, they don’t have any security. Why the hell would we sit in these $10 seats?’ So we walk straight down to the dugout and the Yankees are walking in and out the whole time, and we’re screaming at Jeter and A-Rod, taking videos I still have to this day. We made it through eight innings before a security guard comes up to us and goes, ‘Are these your seats?’ The Yankees won.”

“From then on, I’m a green guy in the business, I know nothing in the business, and this big guy that’s seven feet tall sees money in you. And he knows everything about the business, and everything about wrestling, and he lives with Dean Ambrose. Cass, I owed a lot to him bro. He welcomed me into his crew, I won them over quickly, and they appreciated and respected the fact that I never pretended to know s***. Never.”

While both Superstars would eventually be let go by the company because of two totally separate situations, it’s no secret that Enzo and Cass were one of the most popular tag teams on the WWE roster during their run. The so-called “Certified G” discussed the special connection they had with wrestling fans at the time, and why so many invested in them even before they debuted on the main roster.

“I got thrown into this wrestling world, and I didn’t know anything about it. But it’s given me so much opportunity. The best fans in the world are pro wrestling fans. There’s no question. Let’s not forget, as pro wrestlers, who pays our bills. The people, and the fans. I think that was why me and Cass achieved so much success early. We took the time after every NXT show, every FCW show, every WWE show, to stop and talk to the people and hear what they had to say. We remembered faces, so the next time I’m in Chicago and I see Randy come up to me I say, ‘Randy, how you doin?’ And they never forget that, and it means something to them.”

Despite their enormous popularity upon debuting on the WWE main roster, Enzo made it very clear in the interview that he was never supposed to success in the developmental environment, and that he was told on a weekly basis that he was going to be fired. Apparently, it wasn’t until 16-time world champion John Cena happened to be backstage at an NXT television taping that the two were actually given a chance together, combined with a little help from an alleged “conspiracy” to get former NXT head trainer Bill DeMott fired.

“At this point me and Big Cass have started cutting promos together in class, but Bill DeMott will not let him be my tag team partner, because he likes Big Cass and he told him I’m getting fired. But Dusty likes us together. At this point we’ve done three or four promos together, and all the boys love it. They think it’s hilarious. Everybody backstage in NXT at this time knows I’m gonna be fired, and they hated Bill DeMott.”

“It just so happens that at this point, we’re trying to change from FCW to NXT, but we still can’t fill the houses. We can’t get people to come to the NXT tapings,  so in order to fill the houses we book a match on the dark card at the end of the show when the cameras go down. I go out there and cut this promo, and I get murdered by Mason Ryan. I think my job is over. But we booked John Cena to be the guy at the end of the taping to fill the house. So all the fans stick around to see John Cena, on the same taping that I debut.”

“Big Cass had not debuted on TV yet. I go out there, get killed, come through the curtain, but when John Cena was backstage all the boys stood up and clapped for me when I debuted. They knew that Bill DeMott hated me, and I had a microphone and I was about to kill it. So they all stood up as a f*** you because they were working on getting Bill DeMott fired. There was a whole conspiracy going on, with a letter and all this s***.”

“When they stood up it got John Cena’s attention. He was like, ‘Why is everybody clapping? Who is this guy?’ And Tyler Breeze put me over. He’s like, ‘You gotta see this guy and his tag team partner!’ So I do this shtick and Cena stands up and goes, ‘Bada boom, realest guy in the room!’ I come through the curtain and DeMott tells me I do a terrible job. I’m like, ‘Oh my god, it’s all over for me.’ I got in the back and little Rob Naylor runs over to me and he’s like, ‘John Cena stood up and lost it, and he wants to meet you right now.’”

“So I walked up to John Cena, and he goes, ‘I have to tell you, I have been here for four tapings, and you’re the only thing that has caught my attention. Great job.’ So I run up and sit next to Big Cass, with Juice Robinson, who is not happy with his job in NXT, and Jesse White who just tore his ACL. All the sudden we get summoned again, and me and Big Cass go sit down with John Cena, and he asks how fast we can get our gear on and be in the ring. He’s like, ‘I want you to be in the dark segment if you’re cool with that, and cut a promo on Damien Sandow.’ Uh, yeah!”

“So Big Cass is doing push-ups, getting in his wrestling boots, it takes him 20 minutes. We get up to the curtain and Big Cass is as nervous as nervous gets. Me and him have been sitting on the couch, [writing material]for three weeks. I’m thinking in my head, on the fly, right behind the curtain. We’re freaking out. So we go out there, this terrible music hits, and Damien Sandow is in the ring — intellectual savior of the masses. Smart guy. So I say to him, ‘I’m a certified G, and bonafide stud, and you can’t teach that. And this guy? He’s seven feet tall, and you can’t teach that.’ … First day me and Cass were ever seen on TV together, we spell S-A-W-F-T out. We leave the ring that night, I think Sandow went through a table, and our lives changed that night. I knew it. Everybody knew it.”

You can check out the full three-hour long shoot interview with Enzo Amore on the Title Match Wrestling Network, which has a two-week free trial for those who have never used the streaming service previously.

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