Before Floyd Mayweather knocked out in Conor McGregor the 10th round of their anticipated prizefight Saturday, WWE’s Enzo Amore made sure to antagonize the UFC star a little more.
Amore took to Instagram before the bout to show off his $10,000 ticket to the event and call McGregor a “schmuck”:


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The WWE star has been sending barbs in McGregor’s direction for months. The motivation behind Amore’s dislike of McGregor is largely unknown, but it’s not hard to see the behind-the-scenes machinations that could be going on here.
McGregor has already shown a willingness to step outside his comfort zone for a big moment. WWE has already had Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania, and there have been longstanding rumors about her eventually stepping inside the squared circle. That goes without mentioning Brock Lensar, who is one of the biggest names in wrestling and MMA.


@thenotoriousmma I am gunna have your snot on my @Versace shirt tonight when @floydmayweather smacks the ?? outta you ???? ….. & I HAVE A BETTER SEAT for it than that piece of ?? SHARK-CAGE I was locked in & escaped from @barclayscenter over the ring at #SummerSlam to watch two 7 footers I HAVE BATTLED… 1 of which your opponent tonight @floydmayweather HAD THE BALLS TO STEP IN THE RING WITH in front of 74,000 + ….. @thenotoriousmma I’m not asking you if you ever been nose to nose, I’m saying YOU HAVE NEVER battled a #REAL heavyweight!???? Cause I can recall a time where former @ufc & current @wwe Heavy Weight Champion #BrockLesnar stood between me and winning the damn royal rumble…. and I ran straight at his ass in front of 52,000 at the alamo dome. Big ?? fights? The most you have ever fought in front of is 16,000 ??…. That’s every Monday for #SmackTalkerSkyWalker .. & now every #Tuesday… #205live … twice the exposure, & twice the amount of men getting a @jumpman23 broke off in their @$$!!!! And dog let’s be real… if I had a dime for every round you are gunna win tonight against #PrettyBoyfloyd ….. I would have #ZERODIMES! Luckily I’ll make my money back I spent on my ticket…… betting on @floydmayweather ??????????????????
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McGregor taking on Amore—perhaps at Royal Rumble or WrestleMania—would be a great way to get extra eyeballs on the WWE product. It’s unclear if Dana White would be willing to allow McGregor to continue exposing himself to potential harm outside UFC, but Amore is positioning himself as a natural foil to McGregor if he were to dabble in pro wrestling.

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