The festival season is upon us and for this summer the Big Chill and The Sunrise Festival are collaborating on fashion. On Saturday 2nd of August, an Ethical Fashion Show and Upcoming Ethical Designer Competition will be showcased at the Big Chill.

The Ethical Fashion Show is set up to celebrate the growing number of designers, campaign groups and companies who are committed to ethics and encourage people to consider many of the issues surrounding our clothes. The fashion show will feature Edun, Katherine Hamnett, Amana, Finisterre and People Tree to name but a few. The Sunrise Up and Coming Designer Competition will include the following designers; Amanda Chambers, Jenny McCarty, Sophie Harrison, Anat, Mader, Marie Maurice and Naturals.

The Big Chill Festival celebrates everything from multi-media music to entertainment, and from literature to the arts. At the Indy Music Awards, The Sunrise Festival was shortlisted as the UK’s leading sustainable, green outdoor Festival.

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