Three George Mason University campus police officers were dispatched to investigate a fake knife prop that accompanied a student’s Jason Voorhees Halloween costume.

According to a report by The College Fix, a student in a Jason Voorhees Friday the 13th costume was reported to GeorgeMason University campus police for carrying a large prop knife. The university dispatched three police officers to the scene where the student was interrogated for several minutes. The officers told the student that he would have to conceal the prop in a bag while on campus.

“Some guy or girl decided to report us, for wearing halloween costumes. Who carries a real machete? … I mean, c’mon people,” the student said in the video. “Some people probably don’t even know what Halloween is.”

The officer told the student that he would be required to put the prop inside a bag if he intended to walk around campus. The officer told the student that he would be permitted to take the prop out at a campus Halloween party.

“Can you see why this might be a problem right now?” the officer said to the student. “I get that you guys are going to a Halloween party…but in this day and age the best thing to do would be to put this in a bag to then go to the party with it…so you are not just walking around with it,” the officer said. “I understand that it’s Halloween.”

The officer, Sergeant Donald Daniels, told The College Fix in a short comment that he was simply responding to the report that there was a weapon on campus. “We live in a day and age where this stuff gets called in and we have to take it seriously because it could be real,” Daniels said. “And that is why we are here, to protect the public.”

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