The injury suffered by Giba happened during the training conducted by the Brazilian national volleyball team. Giba will be out of practise approximately for one month.



Examination of magnetic resonance points in the ligaments of the ankle injury and a small fracture. Return to the court should happen in about four weeks. This is the prediction of the medical team, Ney Pecegueiro do Amaral, who accompanied the attacker during the conduct of examination of magnetic resonance in a clinic of São Paulo.

"His return to the activities will be gradual. The treatment will be done with the placed bandage, which should be elevated, in addition to rest and application of ice," evaluates the Brazilian doctor.

Giba is optimistic about the return, "Of all the injuries that could have happened, this is the best. Ankke twist is a normal thing and I'll try to recover as quickly as possible," said Giba

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