The world of tri has watched, admired and marvelled at American Gwen Jorgensen’s complete and total destruction of the WTS women’s circuit over the last few years. Mouths agape, time and again we’ve seen her devour the tarmac to claw back seemingly insurmountable time deficits post-T2.


Her running style has been described as near-perfect by some of the top coaches in the sport. Darren Smith, coach to Olympic silver medallist Lisa Norden and Commonwealth gold medallist Jodie Stimpson, told 220: “Jorgensen’s just killing everyone, isn’t she? If you look at her, everything’s straight.”

But where has this long-limbed leopard come from? How does one go from accountant, specialising in corporation tax, to the most successful female Olympic-distance triathlete to have ever graced the ITU’s distinctive blue carpet?