Lewis Hamilton would love to see a resurgence of McLaren and Williams’ fortunes in F1 and fight their drivers for the title before he bows out of the sport.

Among the teams which have written some of Formula 1’s most glorious chapters, both McLaren and Williams have been left behind in the fight for supremacy in Grand Prix racing.

While Williams hasn’t challenged for the title since 2003, McLaren hasn’t achieved a single race win since Lewis Hamilton departed the Woking-based outfit at the end of 2012.

The Mercedes driver has expressed this season his satisfaction in seeing Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel mount a worthy challenge, but he would like to see others join the fray.

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“What’s sad for me watching Formula 1 is you see the depth of teams, Williams, McLaren, and they’re not back there,” Hamilton said.

“Williams hasn’t been right in the fight for years – they had that real slump, and now McLaren’s having it.”

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While the three-time world champion is hoping Williams and McLaren can revive their former luster, he just wishes it happens while he’s still an active F1 driver.

“There’s a passion with Ferrari, there’s a passion with Mercedes, passion with McLaren – because of the drivers, experiences and championships they’ve had while I’ve been watching Formula 1.

“I hope in my time left in Formula 1 there is a period of time where Williams is up there with us and McLaren is up there with us and there’s a real strong front line of the top teams – which I think is magical.

“I hope that comes back into the mix at some stage.”

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