– There is a lot of excitement behind the scenes in WWE surrounding Tyson Kidd’s push and his involvement in Sunday’s Money in the Bank match. Kidd, widely considered to be one of the most underutilized members of the roster, is determined to steal the show.

With just days to go until Money in the Bank, there was actually some concern that Tensai’s recent attack of Kidd would result in him being taken out of the match.

– Heath Slater tweeted the following message after getting beat up by yet another WWE Legend (Bob Backlund) on Monday’s RAW:

“All of these so called legends are making me sick. Stay out of my spot light. 1000th Raw is very soon, so all of you better watch out.”

As we’ve been reporting, wWE officials are planning a big payoff to the Heath Slater – Legends angle, expected to take place at RAW’s 1,000th episode.

– Episode 24 of WWE Inbox is now online, with Jack Swagger, Alicia Fox and other Superstars answering Twitter questions from fans, including any weird talents they may have.

* Big Returns Planned For RAW 1,000 & New Talent Headed For WWE

(Partial Source: f4wonilne.com)