They will shine at the World Championships in Poland, which already competes for 14 days! Facts, myths, advantages, disadvantages, and tidbits, so that’s all what you should know about the biggest stars of the volleyball Mundial.



  • Player: Mariusz Wlazły
  • Nation: Poland
  • Position: Opposite
  • Club: PGE Skra Belchatow
  • Height: 197 cm
  • Weight: 80 kg
  • Reach in attack: 360 cm
  • Reach in block: 340 cm
  • Trademarks: fast balls killing, block, defense;
  • Weaknesses: high balls killing;


No doubt, the best Polish opposite, Mariusz Wlazly, returns to the international volleyball community after 4 years. This well-known and experienced attacker appeared in Polish squad for the last time four years ago at the World Championships in Italy. Over the last four years, Wlazly was performing only in the club stage, representing PGE Belchatow, because he was not on the same wavelength with ex Poland’s national team coach, Andrea Anastasi, and the president of Polish Volleyball Federation – Miroslaw Przedpełski. However, that fact did not interfere him with collecting medals of the Champions League (silver and bronze twice) and the Club World Championships, and even has been playing as a receiver for some time., but now he gets back to the national team in order to lead Poland on the road for the World Championships podium. Yet Mariusz Wlazly is not the same player like 4 years ago. His major trademark is attack of extremely fast balls (one of the quickest in the world), but on the other hand, he is not as efficient as used to be when he has to contend with high double or triple block. The opposite still disposes of strong serve that terrifies and transfixes receivers on the other side of the net, as well as, stable and aggressive block. An additional Wlazly’s quality are, rear among offensive players, defensive skills.

  • Titbids:
  • He has spent his full professional career in just one club. With 11 seasons in PGE Skra Belchatow, Wlazly belongs to the bunch of the most faithful volleyball stars;
  • His son was named Arkadiusz to memorize the former Polish national team player Akadiusz Gołaś, who died in the car accident in 2005;
  • He is founder of a charity organization (Mariusz Wlazly Foundation), whichpromotes healthy lifestyle and helps athletes in tough situations;
  • Wlazły is keen on photography;


  • World Championships:
  • two participations (2006, 2010)
  • silver medal in Japan, 2006
  • MVP award nomination in 2006 


  • Player: Dmitriy Muserskiy
  • Nation: Russia
  • Position: Middle-blocker
  • Club: Belogorie Belgorod
  • Height: 218 cm
  • Weight: 105 kg
  • Reach in attack: 375 cm
  • Reach in block: 347 cm
  • Trademarks: versatility, block, serve, super-high reach;
  • Weaknesses: lack of regularity to the serve


Born in Ukraine, one of the tallest and probably one of the best volleyball players in the world. Muserskiy started off his career when he was 12 in Kharkiv, from where was headhunted by Belogorie Belgorod scouting stuff. After several years of playing in Belogorie B, he came under Genadiy Shipulin care, where ‘spread his wings’ and came to represent Russia, becoming a true leader and the main weapon which can blow up even the toughest rival. Dmitriy has always showed off versatile trained and technical skills, unprecedented as to their physical conditions. Setting the ball or successful play in defense have never cause troubles to the “Skyscraper”. However, the real explosion of his career happened in 2012. In the final of the Olympic Games in London, when the Russians were losing already 0:2 out of Brazil, then the coach of Sborna, Vladimir Alekno, switched Muserskiy from the middle to opposite, and the “Giant” rendered the deadly efficiency. This maneuver gave gold medals to Russia. It was maybe an astonishing step for many people, but not for all, because Muserskiy launched his professional workouts as the classic ‘4’ and he finally was adapted to the place in the middle of the net scarcely in 2009. Nowadays, he is one of the best player on his position in the world and for sure he provides biggest contribution in play of all centers. What is about his disadvantages? It is very hard to find something, but Muserskiy is sometimes irregular to the serve.

  • Tidtits:
  • not only was Muserskiy born in Ukraine, but he also was playing in its junior national team;
  • he is the only middle-blocker of the world elite, who stopped playing in the first and second line hardly 3 years ago. In 2011, he was playing as a middle-blocker in the first line, while as the opposite in the second line;


  • At World Championships:
  • one participation (2010)
  • 5th place in Italy


  • Player: Bruno Rezende
  • Nation: Brazil
  • Position: Setter
  • Club: Casa Modena
  • Height: 190 cm
  • Weight: 76 kg
  • Reach in attack: 335 cm
  • Reach in block: 315 cm
  • Trademarks: using the first tempo, defense, settings backwards, intuition in defense
  • Weaknesses: inaccuracies in setting forwards;


Bruno Rezende is playing in the national team continuously since 2006. At the beginning, he had to wage the fight for a place in the composition with the legendary Ricardo and Marcelinho, but after Ricardo was expelled from the team, Bruno settled in the Canarinhos lineup permanently. Initially, spiteful people said that he is only there because of the family connection, but Rezende Jr. gradually began to debunk these really unfair accusations by his good play, even though it is said that there are better setters in the country of carnival and coffee e.g. William Arjona, who was regularly winning a direct competition at the club stage in Brazil. All of these allegations did not interfere the setter of Casa Modena with continuation the cruise for another medals of World contests. In 2010, he finished such a cruise on the highest step of the podium in the world championship, while two years later, he won silver at the Olympics, although some people say he lost the gold. In Poland, Bruno is going to defend the title, captured four years ago. In order to do this, he arguably will take advantage all of his greatest advantages. This setter like no one can mask the weakness on the wings focusing play in the middle of the net, using the first tempo in various versions, and then including the pipe. What’s more, Bruno passes very fast balls on the wing, but sometimes it gives a lot of inaccuracies in the forward play.

  • Tidbits:
  • his parents are – Bernardo Rezende, head-coach of Brazil’s national team, and a former Brazilian player -Fernanda Venturini;
  • a model, Brita Schmidt, is his lifemate;
  • – Bruno is friend of many Brasilian football players like Naymar, Dani Alves or Marcelo;
  • he participates in different advertising campaigns, for example some shampoo;
  • At World Championships:
  • – One participation (2010)
  • – Silver medal in Italy 2010


  • Player: Facundo Conte
  • Nation: Argentina
  • Position: Outside-hitter
  • Club: PGE Skra Belchatow
  • Height: 198 cm
  • Weight: 90 kg
  • Reach in attack: 350 cm
  • Reach in block: 330 cm
  • Trademarks: fast balls killing, ‘pipes’, single block;
  • Weaknesses: reception;

Facundo Conte was named “Lionel Messi” Argentine volleyball a few years ago and worked hard not to miss the title. He has appeared in the composition of the Albicelestes on international area in 2009 to become the undisputed leader a year later, during the World Cup in Italy. Conte seems to be more important for his team than previously mentioned, Lionel Messi, for football team of Argentina, what was proved last season. When ‘Facu’ was passing convalescence after shoulder joint surgery, Argentina recorded an embarrassing series of 13 row defeats in the World League 2013.Therefore, Facundo Conte is an indispensable element in the puzzle called ‘Argentine success at World Championships in Poland‘. What makes this still young receiver is so important for his staff? As he is the biggest star of the team, opponents attention is paid on him, as a consequence, makes play easier to teammates, without losing the quality of his own duties. Conte also is well suited for quick style presented by Argentina, because fast balls are his element, although he is able also be deadly with those less accurate. He has a great block and serve. His only drawback is intermittently reception.


  • he is the son of Hugo Conte, the Olympic bronze medalist from Seoul and resident volleyball Hall of Fame in Holyoke;
  • his lifemate is a famous volleyball player of the Czech Republic – Helena Havelkova;
  • despite the Argentine origin, Conte officially declares that he do not go for football;
  • At World Championships:
  • – One participation (2010)
  • – 9th place


Photos: FIVB

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