Around 60 kilometres away from Hyderabad, the stretch suddenly turns into a green utopia. The trees are spread over 100 acres. The once rocky and barren land has now turned lush green. Locals say it has not rained here for 120 years. But for the last couple of years, things have changed. So much that rainwater harvesting ponds have become full and even flooded.

The number of trees planted here resulted into rising groundwater.

Being uprooted can be killing. At Kanha Shantivan, everyone has come together to give a second life to trees.


We have timed our visit to coincide with the arrival of some 60 coconut trees from Karur district of Tamil Nadu. That must easily be some 50 tonnes and arrives in lorry loads. The fronts cropped, so that transport is easy. They needed to make way for a housing project in Karur”, reports NDTV.