Pre-Show Notes:

The crowd is down from last night, although that’s probably to be expected.
Longtime ECW producer and camera man Charlie Bruzzese (who now works full-time for MLW) is one of the ringside camera men tonight.
Joel Gertner is in the house.
Former ROH talent Colby Corino is also here.
Before the show began, Impact Wrestling welcomed the local Toys for Tots chapter and ran several promos for the charity on their video screen. They then welcomed local Marines who were the guest ring announcer and bell ringer for the opening bout.

Shawn Donovan vs. Ace Austin
They had the Xplosion logo on the screen for this match. Austin had some cool takedowns and strikes. Donovan avoided a dive but Austin nailed a cool kick through the ropes. The crowd got behind him and chanted for him. He went to the top but took a crazy bump, getting shoved forward off the buckles and into the ring barriers. Donovan brought him back into the ring and battered him in the corner with forearms.
Donovan missed an elbow. He drilled Austin with a great knee to the face. They are working their butts off. Austin mounted a comeback with several knees but was hit in the mid-section. Austin mounted a comeback and hit a cool spinning kick in the corner. He nailed a great Alabama Jam onto the back of Donovan’s neck for the pin.
Your winner, Ace Austin!
Both were really impressive. Austin had a cool assembly of hot moves and took some great bumps. Donovan was an awesome base for him and came off well as a throwback style heel.
After the match, Impact reminded everyone to make sure they help out Toys for Tots this coming holiday season. Really classy stuff from Impact here.

IMPACT WRESTLING – 10/18/18 AIRDATE (presumably)

Impact Wrestling X-Division Champion Brian Cage vs. Rich Swann
Swann was dancing around but was shoved down. He came back with several dropkicks. Swann went for a rana but was caught, swung and tossed to the mat. Cage whipped him hard throat-first into the buckles. The Champion worked over Swann and held him for a long vertical suplex, but Swann escaped and landed on his feet. Cage was sent to the floor. Swann kicked him from the apron and went for a flip off the apron to the floor but Cage caught him and powerbombed him into the ringpost.
Cage pulled Swann to the top and nailed a superplex into the ring for a two count. Cage worked him over in the corner with some stiff chops. Cage rammed Swann into the buckles. Swann came out of the buckles and nailed a sunset flip but Cage destroyed him with a butterfly suplex. Swann was picked up and Cage did reps with him like a dumbbell, then hit a fall away slam for another two count. He worked over Swann, who came back with a nice tornado DDT. Swann ascended to the top but Cage moved and drilled him with a kick. Swann came back with a combination of his own for a two count.
Cage came back and slammed Swann, turning him inside out for another two count. Fans began chanting “This is Impact.” Cage nailed a Torture Rack into a burning hammer for a two count. Cage placed Swann on the top rope. They battled and Swann nailed him with a cutter off the ropes. Swanna nailed a 450 splash off the top but Cage kicked up at the LAST second. The crowd really got into the false finish and chanted. “This is awesome.”
Swann went back for a twisting 450 splash but missed. Cage scooped him and nailed a powerbomb, then another in the corner, then drilled Swann into the mat for the pin.
Your winner and still X-Division Champion, Brian Cage!
A good back and forth match that the crowd really enjoyed. Lots of hard strikes and kicks with a good story.

Sami Callihan entered the ring and faced off with Brian Cage. He pointed to the video screen, which showed the finish of the BFG six man tag where Sami pinned Cage. He told Cage that was what was coming for him and kicked him. He grabbed the X-Divison title belt and was going to nail Cage but was hit with a clothesline. Cage went for a powerbomb but the Crists ran in. He dropped Sami and fought them off and they pulled Sami to the back.

New Impact Wrestling Champion Johnny Impact came to the ring. He said this is a crazy business and if you watched BFG, you know what he was talking about. He said that the craziness and unpredictability was what attracted him to pro wrestling when he was a kid. He used to beg his dad to take him to shows where the fans are sitting now. He used to go to the Great Western Forum in LA. He was into Parkour and break-dancing when he was a kid and he was the type of person who if he wanted to get something, go out and do it. Some people told him it was stupid to finance his own movie but now Boone the Bounty Hunter is streaming on Netflix. Even when he sees it in the dollar bin, he is proud of it. He wanted to be on Survivor and did it. He always wanted to be the World Champion. He used to hear he had the looks, but…. he had so much potential, but…tonight isn’t your night. He heard it so much, he almost believed it. Now he has the title and all the training and fighting culminated with this, the title. He believes the business is what “we make it.”
Impact said he’s now the man here. He’s not going to be the guy who passively-aggressively Tweets and hides behind his goons. If there’s someone he feels deserves a shot at the title, he’s going to give them a shot at the title.
Rey Fenix made his way to the ring. They faced off. Fenix took the mic and congratulated Impact on the title win and told him that he deserves it. Fenix said he’s won titles all over the world but never in Impact Wrestling. He said he feels fighting for the title is an incredible opportunity. He asked for a chance to fight for the title next week. Impact said it’s not like he’s going to say no after everything he just said. He said that he and Fenix are friends but next week, that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to want to beat the crap out of each other for the title. Impact said if it happens to be Fenix’s night, he will shake his hand and raise it, because unlike the guy who held the title last, they are professionals. He said he’s not going to run home and throw a tantrum. Impact promised they were going to tear the place down, because that’s what they do. They shook hands.

Killer Kross (with Moose) vs. Tommy Dreamer
ECW chant for Dreamer coming out.
Kross was in control early, nailing several shoulderblocks but Dreamer nailed a hiptoss and locked on an armbar. Kross fought to his feet and drilled Dreamer. They went back and forth. Dreamer hit the Cactus Clothesline. On the floor, Dreamer nailed several elbows but was crotched on the railing with an atomic drop.
Kross argued with the referee, allowing Moose to work over Dreamer on the floor. Back in the ring, Kross worked over his lower back. Kross nailed him with a running clothesline in the corner. He whipped Tommy hard into the buckles. Kross tossed Dreamer overhead with a suplex. He covered Dreamer for a two count.
Kross continued to work over Dreamer and cinched in a cravate. Dreamer fought his way out but was picked up and slammed. Kross ascended to the top but was nailed with a right hand by Dreamer. Dreamer nailed a superplex. That brought up an ECW chant.
They battled back and forth with punches. Dreamer got the better of him but was caught with a shot as he rebounded off the ropes. Dreamer responded in kind when Kross rebounded off the ropes. Dreamer nailed a RKO but was distracted by Moose. Kross locked him in the choke but Dreamer escaped. He nailed Kross. Moose hit the ring, but Dreamer nailed him and caned him.
Kross went for a move but Dreamer escaped and went for the Spicoli Driver. Kross escaped and nailed a back suplex on Dreamer. He nailed a backdrop driver and dropped Dreamer on his head. The referee stepped in and stopped the match, ruling Dreamer couldn’t continue.
Your winner, by referee’s stoppage, Killer Kross!
Moose and Kross worked over Dreamer in the ring and left him laying.
As a way to get over Kross, which is what it was designed to do, it was good.
Dreamer was in the ring a long time with officials looking him over before he moved and was helped to the back.

Katarina vs. Taya Valkyrie
They fought back and forth. Taya caught her with several kicks to the mid-section. Taya nailed a double knee strike. Katarina fought back but was nailed with the Impact Buster for the pin.
Your winner, Taya Valkyrie!
McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Taya about her loss and how the referee was out of position to fix the apron Tessa pulled into the ring at Bound for Glory. She said that she really respected Tessa Blanchard but after the tactics she used to beat her at BFG, she no longer does.

Ethan Page (with Matt Sydal) vs. Trevor Lee
They locked up with Trevor getting the better of it and stomping Page in the corner over and over. Lee worked over his lower back and ripped at his face. Page cut him off and worked over Lee, returning the favor with all the stomps. Page sent Lee into the corner, where they almost legitimately wiped out the referee.
Page was sent to the floor, where Lee nailed a big kick off the apron. Lee tossed him back into the ring, but when he went to return, Page snapped him throat-first across the ropes. He worked over Lee, who made a comeback with a big moonsault. They went back and forth until Page scored with a chokeslam variation for the pin.
Your winner, Ethan Page!
Good, hard fought bout.
Lee got a nice ovation walking out.

Alisha Edwards vs. Allie (with Keira Hogan)
They lock up and Allie goes from behind for a roll up for a two count. They exchange armdrags. Allie nailed several chops in the corner. Alisha whipped her into the corner and nailed a back-running elbow. They went back and forth with forearms. Alisa took control and sent Allie into the ropes, then hit a splash across her lower back. Alisha nailed a STO and scored a two count.
Allie avoided a charge in the corner but was caught in a side chinlock by Edwards. Allie finally snapmared her over to escape. Allie began losing it and began slapping herself before attacking Alisha and beating her down in the corner. Allie’s entire mannerisms changed, so here’s the demonic side coming out of her after her visit to the netherworld. Did I really just get paid to write about this? My life is weird.
Allie drilled Alisha into her knees and pinned her
Your winner, Allie!
Allie kept beating on Edwards. Hogan entered the ring to stop her and question what she was doing. Allie came “out of her trance” and acted like she didn’t know what had happened. She went to check on Edwards, who left the ring wary of her.
The crowd chanted “Psycho Hottie” at Allie, who seemed confused and left the ring to check on Edwards again as Hogan tried to explain to her what went down.

Homicide (with Hernandez and King) vs. Pentagon Jr. (with Rey Fenix)
They faced off and went back and forth. Homicide was struck with a kick as he rolled through after rebounding off the ropes. Pentagon held him against the ropes and chopped him against the ropes. He continued controlling the momentum of the match with a backcracker. Homicide went to the floor, where he was drilled with several kicks. He fought back and nailed a sick looking tope con hilo through the ropes to the floor. The crowd went nuts for that and chanted “Holy sh**.”
They battled back and forth on the floor. When they returned to the ring, Homicide was in control. There were dueling chants for each man.
Pentagon mounted a comeback but was cut off and nailed with a big suplex. Homicide placed him on the top and attempted a superplex. Pentagon nailed a series of shots to the mid-section and Homicide fell backwards, caught in the ropes. Pentagon hit a double stomp off the ropes and scored a two count.
They began chopping each other in the center of the ring, then followed up with kicks. Homicide went for the Gringo Killer, but Pentagon rolled through and covered him for a three count.
Your winner, Pentagon Jr.!
The OGz immediately attacked him but Fenix hit the ring for the save. They were then overwhelmed with the assistance of King and were beaten down by the OGz.

Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions LAX (with Konnan) vs. The Heavenly Bodies.
These are the local talents from WrestlePro in New Jersey. They had a good showing against LAX. They took control on Ortiz and worked him over, scoring several two counts. Ortiz tried to fight his way out. Ortiz finally scored the tag and brought in Santana, who cleaned house and got a big reaction doing it. He hit a dive to the floor. LAX finally scored with several big offensive maneuvers but couldn’t score the three count.
The Bodies came back, with one of them catching Santana hitting a springboard bodypress and slamming him before the other came off the top with a big splash for a two count. Everyone battled in the corner with Ortiz hitting a powerbomb off the ropes on one and then a double-team powerbomb on the other for the pin.
Your winners, LAX!
Really good match, far better than anyone probably expected going in. The crowd got really into this.

Gama Singh came out and ran down the accomplishments of this great wrestler he was about to bring out. He went on and on about how this wrestler beat Bret Hart, The British Bulldogs, Abdullah the Butcher and more, really ramping it up, then said it was him. He then introduced his opponent Rohit Raju.
If there was one wrestler I didn’t expect to see wrestle in 2018, it was probably Gama Singh!

Gama Singh vs. Rohit Raju
Singh slapped him several times and finally Raju grabbed his arm to stop him and was about to beat him when Gursinder Singh attacked him and beat him down. Gama then covered him for the pin.
Your winner, Gama Singh!
Oh, this was easily the weakest thing on the show so far but I just saw Gama Singh wrestle, so the old Stampede Wrestling fan in me can say that!

Su Yung vs. Keira Hogan (with Allie)
Yung attacked at the bell, but Hogan immediately took control and nailed a hip attack in the corner. Yung fought back but was powerbombed down for a two count. Yung caught her with a kick in the ropes and nailed a Pedigree while Hogan was hanging from them for a two count.
Yung missed a clothesline and Hogan nailed a series of elbows. Hogan drilled her with a kick to the face and covered her for a two count. Yung nailed a head scissor into the corner. She began setting up for the Mandible Claw, but Allie got on the ramp to the ring and challenged her…only to find out Yung could control her like voodoo. Oh, Stu Carapola is going to love this. She made Allie’s arms move against their will and then made her clutch at her chest.
Hogan tried to attack but Yung nailed a sitdown powerbomb for the pin.
Your winner, Su Yung!
The crowd chanted “Bring her back” after Hogan left. There was then a “We want Keira” chant.

Fallah Bahh & KM vs. Moose & Killer Kross
Moose and KM started out and went back and forth. He and Bahh continued controlling the bout after Kross tagged in. Bahh nailed a big elbow. He and KM rolled over Kross. KM told him to do a new move. He acted like he was going to do the People’s Elbow but instead placed his foot down on Kross’ chest, crushing him. They did several big moves to the floor, but my vision was obscured by everyone standing.
They brought Kross back to the ring, where Bahh nailed a big clothesline, then a second. Moose tried to get involved so Bahh nailed him, which opened up the opportunity for Kross to drill Bahh. Moose tagged in and worked him over as KM tried to rally the crowd.
Moose began ripping apart Bahh verbally, telling him he’s just a fat piece of sh**. That fired Bahh up and the crowd got behind his offense, including a big high cross bodyblock, Bahh had the chance to make the tag but went after Moose again. Moose bit him in the face and brought him back to their corner.
Kross tagged back in and locked on a cross armbreaker. Ball escaped but was drilled by Moose with a big boot in the corner. He drilled him in the back. KM yelled, “It’s not Moose, it’s Douche” and that started a big “Douche” chant.
Moose and Bahh fired back and forth with punches with fans doing the yelling back and forth. Bahh nailed a big belly to belly suplex. He finally was about to make the hot tag to KM but Kross knocked KM off the apron. Kross worked over Bahh. Bahh nailed him and Kross went to tag out but Eddie Edwards attacked Moose in the corner and used the Singapore Cane to choke him out.
KM got the tag and worked over Kross but was caught in the choke in the center of the ring and finally tapped out.
Your winners, Kevin Kross and Moose!
Entertaining tag bout that told a good story.

The next bout is the final match of the taping.
Impact Champion Johnny Impact vs. Rey Fenix
This will air on 10/25.
The crowd was really into both men and gave them nice ovations. They went back and forth with some good physical wrestling early. They exchanged kicks, but Impact ducked and then connected with Fenix. They continued going back and forth until they faced off, which the crowd applauded.
The crowd was chanting back and forth for each competitor. They locked up again and grappled, trying to get the better of the other. Impact took Fenix down to the mat and worked him over with a side headlock. They went to lock up again, but Fenix caught him with a chop. That brought out the fists.
Impact went to hit a springboard maneuver off the ropes, but Fenix evaded it by rolling under him and ending on the ramp to the ring. He charged into a springboard flying bodypress. Impact came back and cut him off with a Side Russian Legsweep. They battled back and forth until they wiped each other out and the referee began counting them down.
Impact was rolled up for a two count but transitioned it into a Crossface submission. He turned it into a chinlock but Fenix dropped down into a jawbreaker to escape. They fired back and forth with some big right hands and kicks. They battled to the ropes, where finally Fenix hit a leaping rana off the ropes while Impact was standing atop of them.
Impact rolled to the outside. Fenix set up for a dive but as he rebounded off the ropes, Impact returned to the ring and caught him with a Spanish Fly for a close two count. The battle continued with Fenix being slammed into the corner and peppered with right hands.
Impact set up for a move but was chopped hard. He came back with a back suplex with a bridge for another two count. Fenix went for a springboard move but Impact caught him with a leg lariat. He nailed a standing moonsault press for another two count.
Impact went to the top but a twisting move, but Fenix rolled out of the way. Impact landed on his feet but Fenix nailed him. Impact came back with a kick to the head for another two count. Fenix hit a springboard headbutt. He nailed a big leaping forearm in the corner. Impact fired back with a kick and nailed a tornado DDT but Fenix rolled through and landed on his feet. He charged with a leaping spinning kick off the ropes but was caught with a big DDR.
Impact nailed Starship Pain and scored the pin.
Your winner and still Impact Wrestling Champion, Johnny Impact!
Very enjoyable, physical main event here.
Impact left.
The OGz attacked Fenix. Pentagon hit the ring for the save with a chair, warding them off.

Credit: Mike Johnson,