IMPACT Wrestling Results
March 22, 2018

– Alberto El Patron made his way to the ring to kick off IMPACT wearing a nice new suit. He talked about how happy he is to face Austin Aries for the IMPACT World Championship and will prove that the title of “greatest man who ever lived” actually belongs to him. Aries and all his titles came out to address the challenger and said he sees through all the B.S. and didn’t come out to play any games. He told El Patron he’ll get his shot at IMPACT Redemption. Alberto said they both have something to prove and turned to leave, but came back and asked the production crew to play the champion’s music. He told Aries it will be the last time he ever heard his music played last.

TREVOR LEE (w/ Caleb Konely) vs. FALLAH BAHH

Lee tried in vain to get anything going but kept bouncing off his much bigger opponent. After a few cheap distractions from The Cult of Lee he was able to hit a punt kick from the apron, and Konely checked the big man into the steel ring steps. They teased a count-out but Bahh barely made it back before the 10-count. He got his revenge on Konely later on pulling him into the ring and running through both opponents like a freight train. He mounted the top rope but Konely hit him with another cheap shot, followed by powerbomb off the second rope from Lee to steal the victory. // Winner: Trevor Lee

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