WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with another blog update, which you can read in its entirety at JRsBarBQ.com. In this update, Jim Ross talked about hunting at Shawn Michaels’ Texas farm earlier this week, Monday’s edition of WWE RAW, Extreme Rules and shares memories of his dear friend, the late “Dr. Death” Steve Williams, who would have celebrated a birthday earlier this week. As always, you can buy JR’s amazing line of BBQ products at WWEShop.com.

JR says he had an amazing time hunting hogs on Shawn Michael’s farm earlier this week. The hunt will be televised later this year on HBK’s MacMillan River Adventures hunting show.

“To show you how fortunate that I was, with my first shot at a live animal I scored the hit that we were looking for and the arrow hit the 300 pound hog right behind the shoulder which is actually where I was aiming. The arrow went through the animal and it and its cohorts ran for the brush and for cover. I did not think that I had hit the animal but we found the bloody arrow which traveled through the hog.”

“The search by foot began through cactus and mesquite trees until we finally found the animal who had expired. These hogs are of the Russian Boar species and are destructive and non productive on Texas, among other state’s, ranches. The animals are given to the Texas Food Bank for processing and the meat is then provided to needy families. None of the meat goes to waste and if a land owner doesn’t manage these herds of feral hogs the state will come in and do it for the landowners.”

For Extreme Rules, JR predicts that the Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar steel cage match will close the show. “The physicality in this contest will be prominent and I expect a no frills, in your face, main event.” He also speculated that Pau Heyman could play a hand in the result of this contest. As for the overall show, he said:

“I’m thinking that WWE’s Extreme Rules will be somewhat of a “sleeper” PPV and that it will exceed the expectations of many who seemingly have gotten more into the card the past couple of weeks after recovering from their WrestleMania 29 hangovers … Extreme Rules is certainly not a one dimensional PPV and I’m anxious to watch it.”

* Photos of the 300 POUND HOG That Jim Ross Killed This Week