After successfully defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Alberto Del Rio at Friday’s WWE live event in London, England, John Cena spoke on the microphone and remarked that the city deserves to host WrestleMania 31. He then suggested that it take place at a nearby “big ass” stadium—implying Wembley Stadium. The 14-time world champion also addressed his critics, which led him to utter the term “heel.”

“Sounds like there’s a lot experienced members of the WWE Universe in the crowd tonight. Sounds by the tone, there’s a lot of grown men in the crowd here in London tonight. I gotta feeling these are the same grown men that bring their girlfriends, their wives and their families all the way across the pond and make just a loud noise at our WrestleMania events,” Cena says in response to the audience members who booed him.

While surveying the crowd for frequent WWE event-goers—who generally boo Cena—he states, “WrestleMania veterans…you are grossly outnumbered. I bet you guys came to this building tonight thinking, “This is the night that John Cena is gonna turn heel.” Ah-ah, no way. Not gonna happen.”

Moments later, he continues, “This is the night that John Cena is going to come back to London, see a bunch of super-excited fans, all the way up to the sky! And tell them that they were so loud tonight I could’ve sworn on my heart that every single one of you had been to WrestleMania because this is the noise I hear in that building and for that I thank you.”

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