– The superstar profiles of Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins have been added back to the WWE website. The duo appeared at Sunday’s Over The Limit pay-per-view as participants in the People Power Battle Royal and later as henchmen of the People Power regime, confiscating anti-Laurinaitis anti-Eve signs from ringside.

– The WWE website has a storyline article up looking at the ‘injuries’ John Laurinaitis sustained at the hands of John Cena. The following is an excerpt:

“Mr. Laurinaitis was rushed to the emergency room from Raleigh, N.C.’s PNC Arena, showing signs of a possible concussion, possible ACL damage to his knee and a possible spinal injury. To add to this litany of serious injuries, the executive also suffered contusions over his entire body and was said to have difficulty raising his left arm and left leg, which can indicate possible nerve damage. The General Manager may have also suffered a broken clavicle.

The article states that none of the injuries are fully confirmed and John Laurinaitis’ status for tonight’s RAW is still up in the air.

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