WWE SmackDown Live star, Kofi Kingston recently spoke to The Argus Leader where he discussed WWE possibly breaking up New Day.

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WWE potentially splitting up New Day:

“I think stereotypically, when you have groups or tag teams, it’s a matter of time before they’re broken up. But with us, it’s a lot different because I think that we have something that nobody else has or nobody has had for a long time. We’re a three-man group who essentially cover all the bases.

“All of us are entertaining, all of us can wrestle very well and all of us can speak very well. To me, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for them to break us up. We’re at the highest now than we’ve ever been. We’re doing a lot better now as a group than we were as singles. A lot of times when teams break up, it’s to do better as singles competitors than they’re doing as a group. It’s kind of hard to justify that with the things we’re doing right now with our merchandise sales and all the products we’re coming out with, the fanbase that we have, people clambering for pancakes and Booty-O’s and ice cream. We have a unique way of connecting with the crowd, so it doesn’t really make sense to split us up at all, even if we wanted to.”

On the WWE Royal Rumble:

“You never quite know what’s in store for the Royal Rumble, and I think that’s the beauty of it. For me, the goal has always been to win. That would be the greatest “trick” of all, getting the win. So that’s been the goal and we’ll see how that comes about. We really have no idea with what’s going on with the Royal Rumble, even on that day, because there’s so much stuff going on. I’m sure it’ll be as entertaining as in the past if not more.”

His first WWE gimmick:

“When I came into the WWE, I was looking for characters. When I was training before I was even signed, I was listening to the Damian Marley CD ‘Welcome to Jamrock,’ and I got the idea one day in promo class to cut a promo in a Jamaican accent and everybody in the class went wild. That was the character I played from that point on and it kind of stuck until it didn’t. It was definitely a great way for me to break into this business with a character that has never been played before in WWE. All the characters you’ve seen over the years in WWE and not one was Jamaican. So, for me to do something that had never been done before was almost a no-brainer. The fact that it was entertaining too was great. It all worked out in the end.”

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The Argus Leader