My first Ironman race was at the end of 2010 in Cozumel – a beautiful Island off the coast of Mexico, which my then  fiancée (now husband) Mark suggested it as our honeymoon. Anyway, the point is that our first Ironman was not planned for long, came shortly after we got married, and I went there just to finish.  


I did pretty well in that race all things considered, and I loved it. We told ourselves it would be a one off, and that there was no way we wanted to go all the way to Hawaii to race in this “Kona thing” that everyone talked of.

Six years on and that has all changed. Now racing as a professional on the Ironman and 70.3 circuit, my focus this season is to try and qualify for the race that founded our sport and continues to inspire thousands and create legends year after year. I qualified as an age grouper in 2014 and raced to an AG third place finish on the Big Island; the experience of racing there was incredible.

When I turned professional at the start of last year my eyes were not turned towards Kona at all, as qualifying as a professional is a whole different story, however I came very close, and it is that which I want to give an insight into now.