During an interview with AlternativeNation.net, Kurt Angle spoke about the next chapter in his career, now that he’s a free agent and on the road to recovery after recent knee surgery. Will he stay with TNA or return home to WWE for one final run? Angle said:

“I can’t really say who I’m going with yet or what company I’m going to sign with. I am going to sign, but I’m going to just sign for one year, and that’s that. I think I’m pretty much done, I’m just going to have the best year I can have. Hopefully it’ll be my best year, then I’m going to retire.”

Angle says he will not be cleared to wrestle again until January, but a press conference is scheduled for sometime in October to announce his new deal.

“I went with the company that was going to really emphasize what I wanted, and that was a limited wrestling schedule,” Angle said. “I would say no more than 40 dates a year, that’s what I wanted, that’s where I feel I am at in my career right now. That’s a lot of the reason, like I said, the company that I’m signing with is a company that really wanted to take care of me, both from a wrestling standpoint and a financial standpoint, and I’m very happy with it.”

The Olympic Gold Medalist has wrestled virtually all of the top names in the business over the past decade, but still has a number of opponents he’d like to work with before he retires. Interestingly, when asked to name guys he’d like to work with in 2015, most of the names he mentioned are WWE Superstars.

“I would say right now the wrestlers are MVP, EC3, Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns, definitely Rusev is one of the top ones, and last but not least, I think we would probably have the greatest match of all time, and that would be Daniel Bryan,” Angle said. “I would love to do a program with Jack (Swagger(, I just don’t know what they’re doing with him, and what direction they want to go with Jack. He’s talented, I just don’t know if he’s at the level that he could be.”

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