source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— One soldier stationed in Iraq says Layla is by far the most popular WWE Superstar when the company goes overseas for its annual Tribute to the Troops event. Though her striking appearance probably doesn’t hurt, the feeling is her popularity is due to how friendly and caring she appears as she takes time to talk to most everyone, making them feel special in the process.

“When she talks to you, she makes you feel like the most important person in the world at that moment, and that there’s no one she’d rather be talking to,” the soldier said.

— Though Triple H’s current absence from television is in due part to filming the upcoming WWE Films project The Chaperone, the word is that he is more hurt than first thought. The extent to which the injuries will delay his planned return to the squared circle are unclear, but sources indicate a rumored SummerSlam feud between him and Edge has been scrapped.

Meanwhile, Edge is expected to miss some house shows during the month of August as he films WWE’s action-oriented comedy Chasing the Hawk.

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